Screen-printing more interesting uses.

Some more ways to make interesting screen prints. A few weeks ago I wrote about screen printing using stencils.  This week is about producing painted mono-screenprints. The process is very similar to the stenciled screenprints but let me recap here. The first thing to do is tape up the edges of the screen. Using parcel tape, make sure that there is a strip of tape all around the inside edge of the screen to stop paint from collecting between the frame and the mesh which stops the paint from coming through the other side, which could damage your prints. Next … Continue reading Screen-printing more interesting uses.

How to do Screen-printing at home

Screen-printing at home the easy way to get great home printing results There are many ways to produce great effects with screen printing and I will discuss a couple of them here, but I want to focus on a method which, once you have assembled the equipment, is very easy to do at home. This is the stencil method.   First, let me tell you about preparing your screens and how to make the stencils. I would always advocate buying the biggest screen your budget will allow for. Small screens can be fiddly to work with and restrict the size … Continue reading How to do Screen-printing at home