How to make Lino Prints

Lino printmaking has its roots in a cheap floor covering created in the 1800s. Previously wooden or metal blocks were used but they were expensive to buy and very time-consuming to make.  Not only was lino cheaper to produce but it was an easier surface to carve, especially when warmed. Apparently, the word “linoleum” comes from combining the Latin word for flax “linum” with the Latin word for oil, “oleum” and was coined by Frederick Walton, the English manufacturer and inventor who invented Linoleum in 1863. Having started out as a cheap alternative in printmaking used in schools and colleges, … Continue reading How to make Lino Prints


Over the coming months I have decided to include blogs about the more technical aspects of particular artforms and as I love all kinds of printmaking, I thought this week I would start with an overview of printmaking and, in particular, the areas of printmaking which I love to teach. The following information is pretty much taken from my website with a few tweaks. This year I am planning to produce a series of on-line classes teaching different types of printmaking, starting with Mono-printing simply because this can easily be done at home without a printing machine. I want to … Continue reading Printmaking